Finally succeded in making a good Vegan Kimchi. For the last 3 years we have been struggling to make KimChi without fish sauce or shrimp paste. It turned out nice. Not too spicy, crunchy with the right amount of Umami. We will start offering take home jars soon.



We want to launch a late night snack menu. No Bi Bim Bap late at night but snacks to accompany a bottle of Soju, Sake or a cold glass of beer. We keep our stuff in a -1 degree fridge. Below freezing temperature to keep everything ultra cold. Maybe run it from 10 until 2? Nothing to eat around here after 10. What a waste since parking is free at that time!!


New lunch special.

Choice of a 6oz korean BBQ steak, 6oz chicken cutlet or 8oz tofu served with rice and salad. $10 Eat-in or Take-out.


Black Garlic.

Local Garlic cured at 30 to 50 degrees for 2 weeks. Dried for another 10 weeks. If you come in you can ask for a clove from the ones I made. I am still trying to figure where to use this. Google it. Lots of cool info on the net about increasing insulin production, cell growth, etc...